30+ years listening to roots music from under the age of 10 first sound i heard as a little kid was addis ababa as i got older & could go out it was jah tubbys jah shaka & quaker city, Jah tubbys & jah shaka was my favorites, as most unbiased people who live in the UK would also say i must admit that when roots music died out in Birmingham TOTALLY DIED OUT NOT ONE SOUND WAS PLAYING ROOTS IN THE WHOLE OF THE WEST MIDLANDS in fact Britain apart from jah shaka or may be some other small sound some where but not here, i started listening to dance hall, i would say to people speak the truth or say nothing at all. Ma-kaya Sound started in 2002 & started making music around the same time IT IS BETTER TO SPEAK THE TRUTH BECAUSE THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS REVEAL!!!


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